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Revolutionizing local.

Communities are rich with local offerings – from farm fresh produce and pantry staples to artisan goods and personal care items. And we all know that buying local makes sense. Food is insanely fresh (and tasty), our environment benefits from less packaging waste and transport, and money spent near home boosts local economic growth.

Everybody wins.


Our merchants are passionate people who grow, rear, bake, and craft a range of wonderful products. Cubi Market works with local merchants to curate a diverse selection of high quality offerings .


Cubi Market provides a shopping experience that is enjoyable, convenient, consistent, and safe – all with the added ‘feel good’ of buying local.


Buying local does not mean shutting out the rest of the world. It means prioritizing local merchants who reside among us. Buying local means investing in the people who consistently invest in our community.

Let’s Meet Halfway!

Our goal is to create a new third place – a one-stop destination that streamlines the local shopping experience and eliminates the hassle (and waste) of home delivery. The benefits will continue to grow as we go!

How it works.


Visit the Cubi Market website to explore ultra-fresh produce, mouthwatering meals, handy pantry items, and unique personal care products.


Once an order is placed, our merchants thoughtfully prepare your items. You will feel good about supporting local farmers, artisans, and restaurants!

Pick Up

Pick the day and time and we will have it ready for you! Our team assembles your order and places it in a secure, temperature-controlled Cubi.

Start Shopping