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Bowerman Blueberry Farm

Randy and Carol Bowerman own and operate Bowerman Blueberries along with their children. The blueberry farm began in 1954, when William and Winifred Bowerman bought blueberry nursery stock. They dug up the plants, and moved them to the farm, covering approximately 23 acres that first year. Since blueberries take 7-10 years to maturity, they also raised corn, and worked in real estate. Eventually, the blueberries began producing sizable quantities of delicious blueberries. In 1982, Randy bought the farm from his parents. He began to expand the sales toward more sale of fresh berries (instead of processed, frozen berries), and today, nearly 75% of all the blueberries are sold fresh. The farm now has more than 90 acres of blueberries and an on-site bakery and farm store.

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