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Sprout It

Dan Delaney graduated from MSU with a horticulture degree in 2014, started growing mushrooms in 2016 and started supplying restaurants and retailers in 2018. Dan’s farm is located in Plainwell Michigan, where he grows around 10 types of mushrooms at all times and many other mushrooms seasonally. The use of sustainable growing supplies like oxobiodegradable grow bags will decompose into soil within 2 years where most farms use regular plastic that takes hundreds of years to decompose. Many of these mushrooms are grown exclusively at the Sprout It Farm, and not grown from purchased mushroom spawn from big suppliers. Dan grows mushrooms from spores to select a phenotype that he enjoys and then starts growing that mushroom for taste, color, texture and a good shelf life. Originally from Marshal Michigan, Dan’s love for MSU basketball and football is equal to his love for all animals, in particular dogs. After receiving his mushroom grow kit for Christmas, well, we know what that led too. These amazingly flavored mushrooms from Sprout It Farm are something that you should not pass up!

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